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Paul Segersten,
M.A., L.M.T., N.M.T.


" Paul is amazingly talented at identifying and treating the human bodies massage needs. Whether it be clinical massage to address medical issues, making gains on chronic mechanical ills, or for accelerating athletic gains and performance, Paul is the real thing !"

Eric Scranton PA-C
Bozeman Deaconess


"Paul has been my massage therapist since 2006 when my training partner, an Olympic cross country skier, referred me to him.  He's helped to keep me free of the repetitive trauma injuries faced by most ultrarunners.  In my work as a physical therapist, I regularly refer clients to him.  He has a thorough knowledge of human anatomy, and the experience to use it to prevent and/or rehabilitate most mechanical injuries.  Paul is not only a terrific therapist, but a true student of the profession who maintains high standards for himself by both teaching newer therapists and by devouring continuing education material in his free time.  I am lucky to have his care as I continue to race against runners half my age."

Nikki Kimball
3-Time Ultrarunner of North America

"My daughter has been seeing Paul for a number of ballet related injuries. Paul's deep tissue massage therapy has been extremely helpful in her recovery from these injuries. Paul has also worked with her on how to prevent these injuries from occurring again. We are both so appreciative of his expertise.
I would recommend Paul to anyone…..he is the best!"

Kathy Sheerin

I have been an athlete and coach for the past thirty years with the good fortune to win such events as the first marathon ran on the Antarctic continent, the Australian/Tasmania Three Peaks race, and the team division of the 24 Hours of Moab, as well as coach a future World Cup Nordic ski champion.  I have run 2:33 in the marathon, sub 5 hours in t 50 miles and sub 24 hours in 100 miles.  I have also competed in 13 Ironman triathlons with a personal best of sub 10 hours.  I know the dedication and discipline it takes to become a successful athlete and I know that therapeutic massage is an essential part of that process.  I also know that a great massage therapist is one of your best assets and Paul Segersten is a great massage therapist.  I recommend him without hesitation.  He is a big part of my ability to stay healthy and fit.

Harry Johnson


Aa a tennis professional, I have been a nationally ranked player, a two time Texas Sectionals champion and have been a University of Texas (UT) women's assistant tennis coach for 5 years, winning the 1993 National Championship and reaching 3 Final Four finishes. Whilst at UT, I was referred to Paul as he was greatly respected by many on the UT athletic staff. Having been on the court for as many years as I have (I'm 60) it is very important to have someone like Paul to keep you going! I never hesitated to refer any of my students of any age or skill level to Paul. I knew that with Paul's experience he could help with many problems and if he couldn't he wouldn't hesitate to refer you to someone who could.
    I am first and foremost a tennis player but I've run 7 marathons and been in many triathlons and Paul's help was very instrumental in these endeavors and helped me past many bumps in the road.
   Paul is without a doubt one of the best at what he does.

Lea Sauls
Full time tennis professional for 40 years

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